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We support to improve our customer’s [Agriculture environment] and [Livestock environment] by using natural microorganism.

We have safe [fertilizer] and [feed] that uses natural microorganism.


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Yeast uses secretion of root, amino acid generated by photosynthetic bacteria, sugar and organic substance within the soil to generate effective substance good for crops by using leavening power. Substance generated by yeast especially physiological active substance stimulates the division of cell and root.
Bacillus is a strain that consists of 20 kinds of antibiotic. Bacillus has strong dissolving power against cellulose, antibacterial activity and destructive fungus such as Fusarium, Pythium, Root nodule bacteria and Icterus.
Phototrophic bacteria:
Phototrophic bacteria uses sunlight as source of energy to do the biosynthetic of secretion of root, organic substance and toxic gas into effective substance such as amino acid, nucleic acid, physiological active substance and sugar that stimulates the growth.